IMAGEne software

Various pages on the this website refer to a custom software program called "IMAGEne." The latest version of this was available in relative location: "../imagene/current/html/release.php".

The latest version of IMAGEne referred to on the "What's New" page was IMAGEne 4.8, released 4 January 2006.

IMAGEne was described as a "software product that clusters EST's from GenBank to all known genes, ranks the clones within each cluster, and provides an interface to query the results."

IMAGEne was rarely used in relationship to files and research presented on this website. In recent years, it was never used.

The researchers instead used UniGene and then Entrez.

Our recommended source of information about IMAGEne is:
"IMAGEne I: clustering and ranking of cDNA clones corresponding to known genes", Bioinformatics, Volume 15, Issue 12, pp. 965-973 (12 December 1999), by M. Cariaso, et al.