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   1. NIH_MGC_14


Name: NIH_MGC_14
Library ID: 1427
Organism: Homo sapiens
Age: 0
Organ: kidney
Tissue: renal cell adenocarcinoma cell line
Host: GeneHogs DH10B
Vector: pOTB7
Vector type: plasmid
Insert digest: 5' EcoRI/XhoI 3'
Stop Codon Status: without
Description: cDNA made by oligo-dT priming. Directionally cloned into EcoRI/XhoI sites using the following 5'' adaptor: GGCACGAG(G). Size-selected >500bp for average insert size 1.8kb. Library constructed by Ling Hong in the laboratory of Gerald M. Rubin (University of California, Berkeley) using ZAP-cDNA synthesis kit (Stratagene) and Superscript II RT (Life Technologies). Note: this is a NIH_MGC Library.